Build Your Own RC Airplane

What is a foamie? A foamie is a remote controlled airplane that you build out of foam and other inexpensive materials. Various foams make great airplane building materials because they are cheap, lightweight, and easy to work with.

Building a Foamie is fun and Easy, and we have made it even easier with our fantastic plane building instruction kits.

Instruction Manual - This printable instruction manual includes images and step-by-step, well written instructions for building your plane.

Video Guide - Some kits come with video clips to walk you through tricky steps in the construction of your plane. Other instructional videos are available on our YouTube Channel.

Blueprints - A digital file containing blueprints for every part that you will need to cut out of foam.

Parts List - Each plan kit comes with a parts list of the electronics and materials you will need to build your foamie RC airplane.

Support - If you buy one of our foamie plans you will be eligible for free email support. Need help with one of your planes? We usually respond on the same day you email us with your questions.

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Submit a Foamie Idea

We work hard on each plane we design to ensure that our customers will be able to build a plane that flys well and is easy to build. We are always looking for new ideas for amazing new plane plans. If you have an idea that you would like to see a plans kit created for, please submit it here. If we select your idea, we will design and build a plans kit just for you.

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Watch for discounts, flying tips, and building pointers in our monthly newsletter. Also, send us pictures of your planes and we will feature them in the newsletter.